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A Lesson for Tyson (再会!ユーロチーム, Reunion! The Euro Team) is the forty-seventh episode of Beyblade: 2000.


The Bladebreakers are stranded on the barren Russian tundra after their run-in with the Demolition Boys when the Majestics mysteriously show up in their bus. After picking our heroes up, they stop at an abandoned palace where Robert challenges Tyson to battle. At first it seems strange that Robert would do this, but Tyson accepts and a battle ensues with Tyson losing. He becomes infuriated!

Robert then tells Tyson that he must harness his power back into his blade, which totally confuses Tyson. Finally, Kenny tells Tyson to remember the battle he had against Robert back in his castle. That's where Tyson realized he must work together with his Bit Beast. With this knowledge, a second battle takes place and Tyson defeats Robert. But the question still remained, why did the Majestics want to challenge our heroes to a battle for no apparent reason?

In the end, it turns out that Mr. Dickenson set this whole 'lesson' up to get the Bladebreakers ready for the final match with the Demolition Boys. Without accessing their 'power from within', the Bladebreakers wouldn't stand a chance against the Demolition Boys in the finals at the World Championships. With this in mind, the group proceed to head over to the Championships.

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