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A Wicked Wind Blows (白虎の叫び, Byakko's Scream) is the forty-ninth episode of Beyblade: 2000.


After Kai's first round loss to the Demolition Boys in the World Beyblade Finals, it's Ray's turn to take on Bryan - the fourth member of the Demolition Boys, introduced as a powerful and ruthless competitor who has learned to "block all emotions but hate".

Ray learns the hard way that Bryan will do anything to win - including putting Ray himself through the wringer by having pieces of the stadium being thrown into his stomach via the rapidly spinning center of the dish. Bryan's attack includes the ability to manipulate air itself into a weapon, and he easily throws Ray out of the dish with a minor move.

In the second round, Bryan uses the wind to hit Ray directly, but Ray keeps holding on and eventually beats Bryan. However, he faints just afterwards in front of a confident Bryan due to the energy he used to hold on. In spite of his condition, Ray insists that he goes back out there and finish what he started. The rest of the team decide to back him up on this.

In the third and decisive round, Ray is hit several times until he is pushed away from the dish. After seeing Driger holding on against Falborg and remembering of his friends' words of motivation, he musters up some strength, with Driger shielding him, and unleashes his final attack, shattering Falborg to pieces and bringing the finals to a tie.

He faints just afterwards, badly injured, but wakes up in time to realize he won just as he is taken to the hospital. Tyson promises to fulfill Ray's wish to win the tournament for the team, with his opponent being the Demolition Boys' leader: Tala.

Major Events[]

  • Ray battles Bryan and manages to win despite being hurt.
  • Driger sacrifices himself to save Ray and win the battle.
  • The final battle will be between Tyson and Tala.



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