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New and Cyber-Improved... (雪原の黙示録, Snowfield of the Apocalypse) is the fiftieth episode of Beyblade: 2000.


After a devastating match puts Ray in the hospital, Tyson trains his heart out to prepare for his battle against Tala, leader of the Demolition Boys.

Meanwhile, Tala has become one of Boris' weird experiments, uploaded with dangerous Biovolt technology and transformed in a cyborg.

Max's parents work together to come up with an improved Beyblade that can combat the existing threat of the Demolition Boy's prowess. Using Judy's vast data on Dragoon, Max's father builds an upgraded version of Dragoon.

In the first round of the final match, even though Tala uses multiple Bit Beasts plus his newly improved brain, he "chooses to lose" and Tyson wins the first round.

In the next round, Tala unleashes a massive freezing attack that sends them both to a parallel dimension and surrounds the dish in a huge ice block with no way out.

Major Events[]

  • Tyson begins his final battle with Tala.
    • Tala intentionally lets Tyson win the first round.
  • Tala sends himself and Tyson into a different dimension while encasing themselves in an iceberg.



Featured Beybattles[]