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This article is about the real life Beyblade X tournament organization. For the anime/manga organization, see Pro League.

The Beyblade Battle Base (ベイブレード バトル ベース, Beiburēdo Batoru Bēsu), also known by the abbreviation B4(ビーフォー), is an organization in Beyblade X. B4 is the X Series successor to the previous wbba., WBBA, and BBA organizations.

Official Takara Tomy "Gear Sports" tournaments, including those held in sponsored stores, are held under the B4 banner. B4 is also responsible for the organization of major international tournaments.


Similar to previous series, there are different grades of competition. Prizes will differ depending on the tournament grade.

  • Beyblade X World Championship
  • Asia Championship
  • Japan Championship
  • GP (Grand Prix) - The pinnacle tournament where the top Bladers are decided. The Japanese representatives for the "Regular" and "Open" tournaments of the Asia Championship will be decided here.
  • G1 (Grade 1) - Maximum 512 person events held in large venues.
  • G2 (Grade 2) - Maximum 256 person events held in large venues or at B4 sponsored stores.
  • G3 (Grade 3) - Monthly tournaments held at B4 sponsored stores. Only elementary school students are eligible for "Regular" G3 tournaments. "Open" G3 tournaments are open to Bladers of all ages.
  • S1 (Street 1) - Tournaments that can be held by Bladers themselves. A form must be filled out and submitted through an official B4 sponsored store.


The first G2 event, the "X-Treme Cup", was held between August and October 2023 in 4 different cities. Participation was open to elementary school students and older. The entry fee is 6,000 yen (tax included) and includes a tournament uniform, which must be worn during the event.

The first G1 event, the "X-Treme Cup", was held on December 9 and 10, 2023. Participation was open to elementary school students and older. The entry fee is 3,000 yen (tax included) and includes a "G1 Special Battle Pass Sheet" for the Beybattle Pass, and 1000 Beypoints. Participation was limited to a lottery, where 512 winners could play. The top 16 players of the first day's qualifying tournament would then proceed to the second day's finals tournament.


In the anime and manga, B4 serves as the world Beyblade management organization, and manages the X Tower.

Event List

For the sake of brevity, only Championships, Grand Prix, G1, and G2 events will be listed.

Championship Events

  • Asia Championship (Winter 2024)
  • Japan Championship (August and September 2024)

Grand Prix Events

  • X-Treme Cup GP 2024
    • Preliminary rounds (After June 2024)
    • Final tournament (October 2024)

Grade 1 Events

  • X-Treme Cup (December 9 and 10, 2023)

Grade 2 Events

  • X-Treme Cup (Several dates between August and October 2023)
  • Katsushika Cup (April 6, 2024)


  • The organization's abbreviation, "B4", refers to the four "B"s in its full name.

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