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The "Beyblade Burst" (Japanese: ベイブレード バースト) graphic novel is a fantasy, sports, action-adventure manga series based on the popular Beyblade toy franchise by Takara Tomy, written and illustrated by Hiro Morita. The manga is currently in serialization in Japanese children's manga magazine, CoroCoro Comic. Individual chapters were compiled into fourteen tankōbon volumes by Shogakukan, with the first chapter being released on August 2015 and the first graphic novel volume being released on December 28, 2015. Many of the characters and storylines depicted throughout the series would be adapted into the Beyblade Burst TV series in 2016.

While no official localization has been published for North American audiences, Singapore manga publishing company, Shogakukan Asia Pte. Ltd. (originally Chuang Yi Publishing Pte Ltd.) began publication of the graphic novel in English in April 2017 in the original paperback, "flipped", left-to-right format.[1]


Beyblade Burst

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Volumes 1 through 10 follows the exploits of Valt Aoi in his journey as a Blader.

Beyblade Burst: Aiger Arc

The Aiger Arc (Japanese: ベイブレード バースト: アイガ編), which consists of a 3-volume compilation that chronicles the adventures of Aiger Akabane in his journey to become the World's No. 1 Blader. The compilation spans from volumes 10 through 12 in the over-arcing, graphic novel series.

Shogakukan Asia is scheduled to release the English translation of volume 10 on March 2020.

Beyblade Burst: Dante Arc

The Dante Arc (Japanese: ベイブレード バースト: ドラム編), which consists of a 2-volume compilation story arc and follows Dante Koryu. The compilation covers from volumes 13 and 14 in the over-arcing, graphic novel series.

Volume List

No. Japanese ReleaseEnglish Release
1 December 28, 2015[2]
ISBN 978-4-09-142114-2
April 2017[3]
ISBN 978-981-11-2581-2
  • 00. "Beyblade Burst Explosive Preview" (Japanese: ベイブレードバースト緊急超予告)
  • 01. "Let's Go, Partner! Valtryek!!" (Japanese: いこうぜ、相棒!ヴァルキリー!!)
  • 02. "Challenge of Kerbeus, Stalwart Guard Dog" (Japanese: 堅守の番犬、ケルベウスの挑戦)
  • 03. "The Jet Black Attacker, Doomscizor's Assault" (Japanese: 漆黒の攻撃機、デスサイザー闇襲)
  • 04. "Fire Dragon Wyvron's Explosive Winged Walls" (Japanese: 炎竜ワイバーン、炸裂する鉄壁の翼)

Valt Aoi is a total newbie when it comes to Beyblade battles, but no one can beat his love for the game! Now, Valt has set his sights on the district tournament held in his hometown! But he’ll first have to master moves and techniques that aren’t just for show! Will his natural talent shine through?

2 March 28, 2016[4]
ISBN 978-4-09-142153-1
June 2017[5]
ISBN 978-981-11-3129-5
  • 05. "Battle Fairy Spryzen's Crushing Blow" (Japanese: 戦闘妖精スプリガン、渾身の鉄槌)
  • 06. "Showdown! Advancing Valtryek Vs. Flawless Spryzen!!" (Japanese: 爆進のヴァルキリーVS無欠のスプリガン、決着!!)
  • 07. "Who'll Be Club Leader?! Formation of the Bey Club!!" (Japanese: 部長はだれに!?ベイクラブ結成!!)
  • 08. "Sacred Sword Xcalius' Invincible Strikes" (Japanese: 聖剣エクスカリバー、無双の斬撃)
  • 09. "Explosive Evolution, Victory Valtryek!!" (Japanese: 進化爆誕、ビクトリーヴァルキリー!!)

Valt Aoi advances to the finals of the District Tournament, but now he’s up against his rival Shu Kurenai – the hot favourite to win! However, Shu is injured during a match with another opponent ! Will that give Valt an unfair advantage over Shu? New and strong opponents emerge as the race to the National Tournament begins!!

3 July 28, 2016[6]
ISBN 978-4-09-142183-8
October 2017[7]
ISBN 978-981-11-3678-8
  • 10. "Water God Nepstrius Engulfs!" (Japanese: 水神ネプチューン、激浪の攻防!!)
  • 11. "The Bey Club Recruits!" (Japanese: ベイクラブ勧誘大作戦!!)
  • 12. "Flying Dragon Wyvron's Wings of Defense!!" (Japanese: 双翼の防壁、飛竜ワイバーン!!)
  • 13. "Valtryek's Explosive New Special Move!" (Japanese: ヴァルキリー、新必殺シュート炸裂!!)
  • 14. "The Bey Club Goes Swimming!!" (Japanese: ベイクラブ水泳特訓!!)

Valt Aoi and his newly evolved Victory Valtryek are taking part in the National Tournament, where the winner will be crowned the strongest Beyblader in the country! However, he immediately hits a snag in his first match against Naoki Minamo and his powerful Balance type Bey, Nepstrius! Will Valtryek be able to vault through Nepstrius’ angry waves of counter attacks?

4 December 28, 2016[8]
ISBN 978-4-09-142269-9
December 2017[9]
ISBN 978-981-11-4251-2
  • SP1. "Xeno Xcalius' Invincible Blades!!" (Japanese: ゼノエクスカリバー、天下無双の覇剣!!)
  • 15. "Splendid Spryzen's Ever-changing Tactics!!" (Japanese: 華麗な攻防!!変幻自在のスプリガン!!)
  • 16. "Fiery Battle! Battle God Valtryek VS Sacred Sword Xcalius!!" (Japanese: 熱闘!!闘神ヴァルキリーVS聖剣エクスカリバー!!)
  • 17. "Victory Valtryek's Miraculous Awakening!" (Japanese: ビクトリーヴァルキリー、奇跡の覚醒!!)
  • 18. "Fearsome Training?! A Bey Battle Courage Test!!" (Japanese: 恐怖の特訓!?きもだめしベイバトル!!)
  • SP2. "The Birth of the Gold God Bey (Part 1)" (Japanese: ゴールドゴッドベイ(たん)(じょう)(もの)(がたり)(ぜん)(へん))
5 January 27, 2017[10]
ISBN 978-4-09-142287-3
August 2018[11]
ISBN 978-981-11-4252-9
  • SP3. "The Birth of the Gold God Bey (Part 2)" (Japanese: ゴールドゴッドベイ(たん)(じょう)(もの)(がたり)(こう)(へん))
  • 19. "Zillion Zeutron's Limitless Stamina!!" (Japanese: ()(げん)()(きゅう)(かみ)ベイ、ジリオンゼウス!!)
  • 20. "Storm Spryzen's Swift Strike!!" (Japanese: ストームスプリガン、(せつ)()(いち)(げき)!!)
  • 21. "The Almighty Zillion VS Battle God Valtryek!!" (Japanese: (ぜん)(のう)(しん)ゼウスVS(ブイエス)(とう)(しん)ヴァルキリー!!)
  • 22. "Spryzen VS Lúinor - Fateful Clash!!" (Japanese: スプリガンVS(ブイエス)ロンギヌス、 (いん)(ねん)(げき)(とつ)!!)
  • 23. "Roar of the Counter Dragon! Lost Lúinor's Ultra Spin!!" (Japanese: (ぎゃく)(りゅう)(ほう)(こう)! ロストロンギヌス(ちょう)(せん)(かい)!!)

After intense rounds of battling, Valt makes it to the semi-finals of the National Tournament where he’s up against Spin Emperor Zac – a super celebrity who has the audience rooting for him! Together with the Zillion Zeutron, the god of Beys, Zac gains the upper hand…until Valt unleashes his new launch move! But is the move enough to help Valt overcome the odds and land a place in the finals?!

6 April 28, 2017[12]
ISBN 978-4-09-142386-3
July 26, 2019[13]
ISBN 978-981-14-1710-8
  • SP4. "The Epic Legend of Lúinor" (Japanese: ロストロンギヌス(さい)(きょう)()(りゅう)(でん)(せつ))
  • 24. "To the Finals! Valt's Super Training!!" (Japanese: 決戦(けっせん)へ!! バルト(ちょう)(とっ)(くん)!!)
  • 25. "The Final Match Begins!! Lúinor at Full Power!!" (Japanese: (けっ)(しょう)(せん)(かい)()!! ロンギヌス(ぜん)(こく)!!
  • 26. "The Final Showdown!! An Unbelievable Outcome!!" (Japanese: (けっ)(しょう)(せん)(けっ)(ちゃく)!! まさかの(まつ)(まつ)!!)
  • 27. "All The World's A Stage!! All in the World Are My Rivals!!" (Japanese: ()(かい)()(たい)!! ライバルは()(かい)!!)

The final match of the national tournament is finally underway, and Valt is up against Lui Shirosagi, the man with the Lost Lúinor, the strongest Attack-type Bey! However, Valt has a couple of tricks up his sleeves as well as he reveals his new move! Things are shaping up for the ultimate showdown, but who will emerge the victor?

7October 27, 2017[14]
ISBN 978-4-09-142499-0
November 2019[15]
ISBN 978-981-14-1709-2
  • 28. "Valt's Valiant Battles at the Cyclone Bey Stadium!!" (Japanese: サイクロンベイスタジアムで(げき)あつバトル!!)
  • SP5. "The Best Training with The Best Partner - Valtryek!!" (Japanese: (あい)(ぼう)ヴァルキリーと(さい)(きょう)(とっ)(くん)!!)
  • 29. "Berserk Roktavor's Immovable Wall!!" (Japanese: ブレイズラグナルク、()(どう)(ねつ)(べき)!!)
  • 30. "Drain Fafnir's Menacing Counter Spin!!" (Japanese: (きょう)()(ぎゃく)(せん)(かい)、ドレインファブニル!!)
  • 31. "The Descent of Time Manipulator Alter Chronos!!" (Japanese: (こう)(りん)! (とき)(あやつ)るアルタークロノス!!)
  • 32. "Killer Doomscizor's Double Scythes!!" (Japanese: (そう)(れん)(せん)(れつ)! (しに)(がみ)キラーデスサイザー!!)
  • 33. "Maximium Garuda Takes Flight With A Soaring Thrust!!" (Japanese: ()(しょう)マキシマムガルーダ、(かっ)(くう)(いち)(げき)!!)

After his intense bey battling in Japan, Valt takes to the world stage by joining BC Sol, a prestigious bey club in Barcelona! BC Sol is preparing for the World League, a tournament that determines the most powerful bey club in the world, and Valt wants in on the action!

8 December 27, 2017[16]
ISBN 978-4-09-142603-1
December 2019[17]
ISBN 978-981-14-3349-8
  • 34. "Legend Spryzen's Dazzling Bi-Directional Spins!!" (Japanese: レジェンドスプリガン、(せん)(こう)(りょう)(かいく)(てん)!!)
  • SP6. "Shadow Orichalcum's Invincible Spins (Part 1)" (Japanese: 無敵旋回シャドウオリハルコン (前編))
  • SP7. "Shadow Orichalcum's Invincible Spins (Part 2)" (Japanese: 無敵旋回シャドウオリハルコン (後編))
  • 35. "Blast Jinnus' Impenetrable Defense!!" (Japanese: 難攻不落の防壁、ブラストジニウス!!)
  • 36. "Super Training to Master Genesis Reboot!!" (Japanese: 超特訓! ゴッドリブートを習得せよ!!)
  • 37. "Nightmare Lúinor's Nightmarish Pursuit!!" (Japanese: ナイトメアロンギヌス、悪夢の追撃!!)
  • 38. "Invincible Sword of Destruction, Sieg Xcalius!!" (Japanese: 天下無双の破壊剣、ジークエクスカリバー!!)
When Valt receives distressing news that Shu has gone missing, he sets out to find his best friend, following clues from Wakiya about a sinister Bey club called the Snake Pit. There, they meet Red Eye, a mysterious masked Beyblader who wields Shu’s Beyblade, Spryzen! Red Eye seems to know what has happened to Shu, but he’s not telling Valt until Valt beats him in a Beybattle!
9 April 27, 2018[18]
ISBN 978-4-09-142650-5
March 2020[19]
ISBN 978-981-14-4196-7
  • 39. "Strike Genesis Valtryek's Fully Awakened Blades!!" (Japanese: (ストライク)ゴッドヴァルキリー、全力覚醒の超巨大刃!!)
  • 40. "Nightmare Lúinor The Destroyer Strikes Again!!" (Japanese: 悪夢再来!? 破壊の使者ナイトメアロンギヌス!!)
  • 41. "Omnipotent Spryzen Requiem's Perfect Offenses and Defenses!!" (Japanese: 全能神スプリガンレクイエム、完壁なる攻防!!)
  • 42. "Super Special Training To Control A Super Awakened Buddy!" (Japanese: 激特訓! 超進化の相棒を制御せよ!!)
  • 43. "World Finals - Battle of Destiny Between Best Friends!" (Japanese: 世界大会決勝、運命の親友対決!!)
  • SP8 "Ultimate God of Beys, The Double God Bey!! (Part 1)" (Japanese: 究極の神ベイ、ダブルゴッドベイ!!(前編))
  • SP9 "Ultimate God of Beys, The Double God Bey!! (Part 2)" (Japanese: 究極の神ベイ、ダブルゴッドベイ!!(後編))
Valt needs answers about Shu’s disappearance, and to get them, he has to fight his way up the World Championship tournament to face Red Eye again! But first he’ll have to defeat his teammate, Free de la Hoya! Meanwhile, Red Eye squares off with Lui Shirosagi and his real identity is revealed! Who is this mysterious masked man, and what does he know about Shu?!
10 August 28, 2018[20]
ISBN 978-4-09-142730-4
March 2020[21]
ISBN 978-981-14-4197-4
  • SP10 "Ultimate Evolution!! The Flawless Spryzen Requiem!!" (Japanese: 究極進化! 完全無欠のスプリガンレクイエム!!)
  • 44. "World Champion Match Between Valtryek and Spryzen!!" (Japanese: 世界王者決定! ヴァルキリーVSスプリガン!!)
  • 45. "Best Friend's Return! Prodigy Shu's Final Resolve!!" (Japanese: 親友の帰還! 天才・シュウ、最終の決着!!)
  • 46. "Introducing The Invincible Pair, Aiger & Z Achilles!!" (Japanese: アイガ&ゼットアキレス、無敵コンビ見参!!)
  • 47. "Emperor of Defense, Emperor Forneus!!" (Japanese: 防御の皇帝、エンペラーフォルネウス!!)
  • 48. "Crash Roktavor's Rapid Ambush!!" (Japanese: クラッシュラグナルク、突風の迎撃!!)
  • SP11 "Super Z Stormy Soccer Challenge!!" (Japanese: 超Ƶ波乱のサッカー対決!!)
  • SP12 "Immortal Bey, Revive Phoenix!!" (Japanese: 不死身のベイ、リヴァイブフェニックス!!)
Valt and Shu’s fateful showdown at the World Championship final reaches its climax! With their skills and Beyblades evenly matched, it’s down to a battle of willpower! Who is more determined to win?! A new generation of Beybladers emerge from the shadows of their predecessors, ready to take on the world with exciting new Beyblades and battle styles!
11 November 28, 2018[22]
ISBN 978-4-09-142819-6
  • 第49話「ヘルサラマンダー、地獄の旋風!!」
  • 第50話「奇跡の共鳴! ゼットアキレスの追撃!!」
  • 第51話「アーチャーヘラクレス、不動の永久旋回!!」
  • 第52話「不死鳥リヴァイブフェニックスの翼撃!!」
  • 特別編「闇の超Ƶベイ、ヤミテリオス!!(前編)」
  • 特別編「闇の超Ƶベイ、ヤミテリオス!!(後編)」
  • 第53話「鋼鉄の咆哮! 番犬ハザードケルベウス!!」
  • ベイブレードバースト特別ストーリー「あれからひと月後――」
12April 26, 2019[23]
ISBN 978-4-09-142897-4
  • 第54話「驚異の牙! 猛獣ヴァイスレオパルド!!」
  • 第55話「バスターエクスカリバー、怒涛の剣戟!!」
  • 第56話「最凶の吸収ベイ、ガイストファブニル!!」
  • 第57話「冥界神デッドハデス、死の重撃!!」
  • 第58話「絆を取りもどせ! 超Ƶアキレス誕生!!」
  • 第59話「リヴァイブフェニックス、至高の共鳴!!」
  • 特別編「黄金の王者! 超ZロイヤルキングS(スプリガン)!!(前編)」
  • 特別編「黄金の王者!超ZロイヤルキングS(スプリガン)!!(後編)」
13September 27, 2019[24]
ISBN 978-4-09-143080-9
14February 28, 2020[25]
ISBN 978-4-09-143147-9


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