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Beyblade Burst Overview

Beyblade Burst Mobile is a Beyblade Burst game made by Hasbro. It allows you to scan Beyblade items that you purchase from Hasbro (most come with a QR code). The game can be played mainly across Android and Apple devices. The app also features multi layer customization, where it does not matter the generation of the parts. The game currently has Regular Burst layers, Dual layers, Evolution layers, and Turbo layers. Depending on what device you use, the game usually runs smoothly.

Beyblade burst gameplay Icon

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Overall, even if you are beginner, the gameplay is simple. You can choose from 4 original layers. Valtryek, Spryzen, Kerbeus, Roktavor, and now Z Achilles A4. These layers are given to you to represent the different types of Beyblades that they have in-game. The battle process is pretty neat too. When you go into a battle, there is a launcher dragging process that you do to set the angle. I don't know if this affects the battle in any way. (this game is not like Beyblade Burst Battle Zero) After you set your angle, you enter a screen where you have to time your taps correctly to get a "Perfect Launch," where your Beyblade gets extra HP (hit points/health) for the round. Then, the beys fight each other. There are different orbs around the stadium that determine what your bey does. A blue orb would be attack, a green orb would be defense, and an orange orb would be stamina. Big blue orbs represent avatar attacks. Most avatar attacks represent the same process as launching the Beyblade. Each avatar attack has its own rating depending on timing. 25% is the weakest. Then 50% is weak, 75% is strong, 100% is perfect. The burst system is the same for all beys. Usually by a bar, the stamina is represented by a Health bar also. There are some in-game rewards that you unlock as you level up in the game. They can be Beyblades, stadiums, and even more Custom Avatars! There's also an in-game store that allows you to buy different things such as beys, bey parts, and stadiums using bey coins. Most launchers must be scanned into the game. As more updates come to the game, different

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Beyblades are added, with the addition of the original layers. They have Z Achilles in a different color, and in a recent update, they added Strike Valtryek V3. The game also has a feature where you can have friends. There is even a bey point system. In-game, there are different tournaments and events that can give you more experience and bey coins. There's also the addition of avatar track for scanned Beyblades which lets you level them up faster. There's also an online play system in which it can give you more exp. Also in a recent update, they added the Slingshot Stadium which allows your beys to ride the rails. By spamming the screen to win against the other Beyblade. That's about it for the game. As more updates come, there will be more content to read.


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On the game icon, there's the Beyblade Valtryek V2. Most likely when the game was released, it came out with the release of the Epic Rivals Battle Set.

There are custom avatars in the game which are similar to the characters in the anime. ( Valt, Shu, Wakia, Daigo, Red Eye,)

The game has a lot of customization, you can customize your Beyblade and even the opponent that you're facing (if it's a CPU that is).

The game doesn't let you make your own username but instead lets you choose from preset usernames.

The game also now has Geist Fanir and Turbo Achilles with a few other Beyblades, It is unknown if the burst blocker Beyblades will have the ability that they do in actual battle.