"Training Camp! The Biting Stadium!" (合宿だ!バイキングスタジアム!!, Gasshuku da! Baikingu Sutajiamu!!) is the twenty-seventh episode of the Beyblade Burst season. It first aired in Japan on October 3rd, 2016 and in Canada on April 15th, 2017.


Major Events

  • Shu and Wakiya join the Beyclub forming their official five-man team.
  • The team goes to Wakiya's cabin estate to do some special team training with a new type of stadium, the Biting Fang.
  • The rules for team battles are introduced. (each team gets 3 players, each player battles once, the first to three points wins)
  • Daigo and Hoji battle in the Biting Fang and Hoji wins.



Featured Battles

  • Valt Aoi (Valtryek V2 Boost Variable) vs. Rantaro Kiyama (Roktavor R2 Gravity Revolve) = Rantaro and Roktavor
  • Daigo Kurogami (Doomscizor D2 Force Jaggy) vs. Hoji Konda (Horusood H2 Upper Claw) = Hoji and Horusood
    • Round 1: Hoji and Horusood (Biting Burst Finish; 2pts)
  • Team Red (Valt, Rantaro, and Shu) vs Team Blue (Wakiya, Hoji, and Daigo) = Team Red (4-2)
    • Round 1: Rantaro Kiyama (Roktavor R2 Gravity Resolve) vs. Wakiya Murasaki (Wyvron W2 Vertical Orbit) = Kiyama and Roktavor (Biting Burst Finish; 2pts)
    • Round 2: Valt Aoi (Valtryek V2 Boost Variable) vs. Daigo Kurogami (Doomscizor D2 Force Jaggy) = Daigo and Doomscizor (Burst Finish; 2pts)
    • Round 3: Shu Kurenai (Spryzen S2 Knuckle Unite) vs. Hoji Konda (Horusood H2 Upper Claw) = Shu and Spryzen (Biting Burst Finish; 2pts)

Special Moves Used