"Teachings Of A Legend!" (アマテリオスの導き, Amateriosu no Michibiki) is the thirty-first episode of the Beyblade Burst season. It first aired on October 31st, 2016 and in Canada on May 13th, 2017


The Team Tournament continues with Rideout and the Super Stars defeating their respective opponents. Along the way, Ken meets up with Valt and helps him snap out of his funk.

Major Events

  • The Team Tournament continues.
  • Rideout defeats an unknown team.
  • The Super Stars defeat the Purples.
  • Ken helps Valt out of a funk with a battle, which Valt wins.
  • The Beigoma Academy BeyClub has an encounter with Zac, as the Masked Blader.



Featured Battles

  • Rideout vs. Unknown Team = Rideout (3-0)
    • Gabe Brunai (Gaianon G2 Quarter Fusion) vs. Unknown Blader (Unknown Bey) = Gabe & Gaianon
  • Superstars vs. Purples = Super Stars (4-0)
    • Orochi Ginba (Odax O2 Triple Xtreme) vs. Shun Fujimaru (Unknown Bey) = Orochi & Odax (Burst Finish; 2pts)
    • Zac (Zeutron Z2 Infinity Weight) vs. Ryota Nasu (Unknown Bey) = Zac & Zeutron (Burst Finish; 2pts)
  • Valt Aoi (Valtryek V2 Boost Variable) vs. Ken Midori (Kerbeus K2 Limited Press) = Valt & Valtryek (2-1)
    • Round 1: Ken & Kerbeus (Ring-Out Finish; 1pt)
    • Round 2: Valt & Valtryek (Burst Finish; 2pts)

Special Moves Used






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