"Jumbo Jormuntor! The Venomous Snake!" (Dokuhebi! Yorumungando!!, 毒蛇!ヨルムンガンド!!) is the forty-second episode of the Beyblade Burst season. It first aired on January 23rd, 2017.


Major Events

  • Shu wins his battle against Jin Aizawa.
  • Valt confronts Naoki, after finding out he sabotaged Shu's battle and almost got Valt disqualified, in a battle and win.
  • Naoki accidentally erases all the data in his hard drive.



Featured Battles

  • Zac (Zeutron Z2 Infinity Weight) vs. Unknown Blader (Unknown Bey) = Zac & Zeutron (4-0)
    • Round 1: Zac & Zeutron (Burst Finish; 2pts)
    • Round 2: Zac & Zeutron (Burst Finish; 2pts)
  • Ben Azuki (Betromoth B2 Heavy Hold) vs. Unknown Blader (Unknown Bey) = Ben & Betromoth
  • Ken Midori (Kerbeus K2 Limited Press) vs. Unknown Blader (Unknown Bey) = Ken & Kerbeus (1-0)
    • Round : Ken & Kerbeus (Ring-Out Finish; 1pt}
  • Shu Kurenai (Spryzen S2 Knuckle Unite) vs. Jin Aizawa (Jormuntor J2 Infinity Cycle) = Shu & Spryzen (4-1)
    • Round 1: Shu & Spryzen (Burst Finish; 2pts)
    • Round 2: Jin & Jormuntor (Ring-Out Finish; 1pt)
    • Round 3: Shu & Spryzen (Burst Finish; 2pts)
  • Valt Aoi (Valtryek V2 Boost Variable) vs. Naoki Minamo (Nepstrius N2 Vertical Trans) = Valt & Valtryek (2-0)
    • Round 1: Valt & Valtryek (Burst Finish; 2pts)

Special Moves Used






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