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"The Strongest Special Training with My Partner, Valkyrie!!" is the fifth special chapter of the Beyblade Burst series. It was first released in the God Valkyrie Guide Book on March 18, 2017.



Genesis Valtryek bursting Inferno Ifritor

After Valt Aoi's victory against Silas Karlisle, Valt is now officially a member of BC Sol and training with his bey, Genesis Valtryek 6Vortex Reboot. During his training, he would be interrupted by Django Del Toro and Stan Hamburg. The duo introduced themselves to him but Valt does not know them, causing them to be furious. Django, along with Stan then challenged Valt in a beybattle with the duo winning him with a Ring-out Finish. After his lost, Valt then started training hard with his bey which caught the attention of Shasa Guten and a few other members of the club on helping him. After his training, he then approached Django and Stan for a rematch which the duo agreed, however the match must be a 3-way Battle Royale. Valt eventually won the duo with a Burst Finish and was congratulated by Kristina Kuroda for beating the duo.

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