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"BC Sol! A Team Divided!" (崩壊!BCソル!!, Hōkai! BC soru!!) is the eleventh episode of Beyblade Burst Evolution, the second season of Beyblade Burst. It first aired on June 12th, 2017 in Japan and later aired on December 15th, 2017 in the United States.


Major Events[]

  • Stan, Valt, Rantaro, and Silas (Sub) are chosen to represent BC Sol in their next match against the Swedish team, BK Nord, in the European League. Valt and Rantaro are also chosen to represent BC Sol's Top Team along with Stan Hamburg, which upsets him even more.
  • BK Nord defeats BC Sol 3-0, which causes some friction between BC Sol's members.
  • BC Sol's next opponent is BC Galleon from Portugal. Stan Hamburg, Valt, Rantaro, and Rickson Clay (Sub) will represent BC Sol for this match.
  • BC Galleon also defeats BC Sol with a score of 3-0.
  • Silas and Ivan quit BC Sol, but Silas rejoins the team later on in the episode.
    • Ivan's reason for leaving was so he could become a BeyTrainer.
    • Silas' reason for leaving was because he didn't want to continue being held back by his rival, Valt. But Silas decided to rejoin (with some persuasion from Wakiya) because he couldn't find any rhythm with the other teams he met with and he just needed some fresh air as he called it.
  • Theodore gives Free a tour of the Raging Bulls facility, where he's questioned by Shu for abandoning Valt and the rest of BC Sol.



Featured Battles[]

Special Moves Used[]





  • When Shasa speaks in defense of Valt and Rantaro as Stan is criticizing them, her eyes are mistakenly colored the same shade of blue as her hair instead of their normal purple.