Beyblade Burst GT (ベイブレードバーストGT(ガチ), Beiburēdo Bāsuto Gachi; Lit: Beyblade Burst Gachi), is the fourth and final season of Beyblade Burst, and the eleventh season of Beyblade overall. This season will be a internet streaming only anime, with episodes uploaded on the CoroCoro and Takara Tomy Channels on Youtube every Friday at 4:00pm JST starting April 5, 2019.


One year has passed since the Title Match between Aiger Akabane and Valt Aoi. Valt completes Slash Valkyrie, a Gachi Bey brought to the next level. Valt's BC Sol understudies, Drum Koryu and Delta Akane, see the golden shining splendor of Slash Valkyrie in action. Having witnessed the infinite potential of Beys, Drum aims to create a shining Bey of his own by traveling to Japan alongside his partner, Ace Dragon. Now, another talented youth is set to cause a stir in the world of Beyblade!


  • Director : Kentaro Yamaguchi
  • Character Design : Toshiaki Ohashi
  • Series Composition : Hideki Sonoda
  • General Manager : Katsuhito Akiyama
  • Executive Producer : Yuya Yokoyama, Naohiko Furuichi
  • Coloring : Jun Ouchi
  • CGI Director : Futoshi Seo, Tetsuya Kubota
  • Music : Danny Jacob
  • Animation Producer : Isami Abe.


Character Japanese VA English VA
Valt Aoi Marina Inoue
Drum Koryu Megumi Han
Amane Kusaba Atsushi Abe
Delta Akane Kensho Ono
Fumiya Kindo Natsuki Hanae
Takane Kusaba
Ichika Kindo Minami Takahashi
Tango Koryu
Hanami Yasuaki Takumi
Joe Rurikawa Taishi Murata
Lodin Haijima

Episodes (Anime)

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Chapters (Manga)

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Opening Themes

Ending Themes




  • This season will mark the second Beyblade series ever to have a streaming only release in Japan. The first being BeyWarriors Cyborg.
  • This is the first Beyblade Burst season to have the same song as the Japanese opening and ending theme.