"Flying High! Harmony Pegasus! (飛翔、ヘブンペガサス!, Hishō, Hebun Pegasasu!) is the seventeenth episode of the Beyblade Burst GT anime and first aired on July 26th, 2019 in Japan.

"Dangerous Art! Dusk Balkesh!" (最凶アート、ドレッドバハムート!, Sai kyō āto, Doreddo Bahamūto! )​ is the eighteenth episode of the Beyblade Burst GT anime and first aired on August 2nd, 2019 in Japan.

Both episodes later aired as the ninth episode of the Beyblade Burst Rise anime titled "Flying High! Harmony Pegasus!" on March 14th, 2020 in New Zealand, on March 28th, 2020 in America, and on April 5th, 2020 in Canada.

Episode Descriptions

Part 1: After Dante’s loss to Delta, Tango decides it’s time to take the Victories on a training journey around the world to battle even more powerful Bladers! At the Castle in the Clouds, the Victories meet Pheng Hope, a member of the Risen 3 who has never lost a single battle. With unnatural talent and a self-healing Bey, Pheng is bound to be a formidable foe!

Part 2: In a secluded mountain villa, Delta Zakuro faces off against fellow Risen 3 member, Blindt DeVoy. With his artist’s eye, Blindt is able to capture a glimpse of Delta’s true self, which only makes him more excited to battle! Delta and Devolos are hungry to take Blindt on, but do they have what it takes to defeat this Blading virtuoso?

Overall: Tango decides to take the Victories on a training journey to battle more powerful Bladers. While Dante meets with the mysterious Pheng Hope, Delta challenges the artistic Blindt DeVoy.


Major Events

  • Dante meets and becomes friends with Pheng Hope, the second member of the Risen 3.
  • Arman challenges Pheng but loses.
  • Delta meets Blindt DeVoy, an artist and the final Blader of the Risen 3.
  • Blindt challenges Delta a battle with his Bey, Dusk Balkesh.
  • Delta struggles to pull off Hyper-Flux.



Featured Battles

Arman Kusaba vs. Pheng Hope -1 point match
Team 1 Team 2
Arman Kusaba
VS Bladers
Pheng Hope
Bushin Ashindra Hurricane Keep Ten
Harmony Pegasus 10Proof Low Sen
Lose Win
  • Round 1: Pheng & Pegasus (Survivor Finish; 1pts)
Delta Zakuro vs. Blindt DeVoy
Team 1 Team 2
Delta Zakuro
VS Bladers
Blindt DeVoy
Venom Devolos Vanguard Bullet
Dusk Balkesh 7Wall Orbit Metal Gen

Special Moves Used

Full Episode



  • Episode 17 is the second Beyblade Burst GT episode where the Japanese name was changed, originally going to be called "It's Time to Train in the Castle of the Sky!", the first being Episode 09 of the season.
  • In the English version of the episode, the scenes where the parts of the Harmony Pegasus and Dusk Balkesh Energy Layers are mentioned are cut out.
  • This episode introduces the second Welcome to the World of Beyblade sequence for Beyblade Burst Rise.


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