​"Spin! Advance! Survive!" (回せ!進め!勝ち残れ!, Mawase! Susume! Kachinokore!)​ is the twenty-third and twenty-fourth episodes of the Beyblade Burst Rise anime and the twelfth episode Internationally. Episode 23 first aired on the CoroCoro Channel on YouTube on September 6th, 2019 and episode 24 first aired on September 13th, 2019 in Japan. Both episodes will later air as one episode on April 18th, 2020 in America.


Major Events

  • Dante wins against Blindt and moves on to the second round.
  • The second round of the Battle Journey begins and Fumiya and Delta battle which leads to Fumiya losing and being removed from the Battle Journey and almost losing Wizard Fafnir's Layer.
  • A flashback reveals that Free De La Hoya and his Geist Fafnir inspired Fumiya to make Wizard Fafnir.
  • The third round of the Battle Journey begins and Pheng and Delta face off, with Delta being the winner and Pheng being eliminated from the Battle Journey.
  • Pheng and Aiger witness the true power of Delta and Devolos.



Featured Battles

Battle continued from previous episode.

Special Moves Used

Full Episode



  • This is the second episode of Beyblade Burst Rise that features a flashback that takes place before the season.
    • This is the first episode of Rise that features a character from a previous Burst season that is not a main protagonist.
  • Just like in the manga, this episode reveals that Fumiya created his Wizard Fafnir from inspiration from Free and his Geist Fafnir.
  • The flashback of Free and Geist Fafnir may have happen before or after Free's Fafnir was burst by Phi and his Phoenix.
  • Before Delta and Pheng's match is about to begin and Pheng sees Delta's darkness about to consume him, Erase Devolos is in Delta's hand but before that, Delta pulls out Venom Devolos and uses Venom Devolos in the first match.


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