​​"Genesis in Motion!" (ジェネシス発動!!, Genesis Hatsudō) is the thirty-third episode of the Beyblade Burst GT anime and first aired on November 15th, 2019 in Japan.

"Diabolos' Counterattack!" (逆襲のディアボロス!!, Gyakushū no Diaborosu!!)​ is the thirty-fourth episode of the Beyblade Burst GT anime and first aired on November 22nd, 2019 in Japan.

Both episodes later aired as the seventeenth episode of the Beyblade Burst Rise anime titled "Genesis in Motion!" on May 10th, 2020 in Australia and on August 1st, 2020 in America.

Episode Descriptions

Overall: With the completion of Royal Genesis, Gwyn lets it rip in battle for the very first time! Dante offers some friendly advice, but how will a total newbie fare against a Blader as experienced as Joe Lazure?


Major Events

  • Gwyn battles Joe and wins.
  • During the match, Gwyn reveals that he can access a powerful state similiar to Hyper-Flux and Dark-Flux called Superior Flux.
  • Delta appears and challenges Arthur to a rematch.
  • Delta battles Arthur, which ends with the latter as the victor as well as leading to Erase Devolos' destruction.



Featured Battles

Gwyn Reynolds vs. Joe Lazure - Hyper Stadium
Team 1 Team 2
Gwyn Reynolds
VS Bladers
Joe Lazure
Royal Genesis Hybrid
Judgement Joker 00Turn Trick Zan
Win Lose
  • Round 1: Draw (Double Ring-Out Finish; 0pts)
  • Round 2: Gwyn & Genesis (Burst Finish; 2pts)
Delta Zakuro vs. Arthur Peregrine - Rematch - Hyper Stadium
Team 1 Team 2
Delta Zakuro
VS Bladers
Arthur Peregrine
Erase Devolos Vanguard Bullet
Prime Apocalypse 0Dagger Ultimate Reboot'
Lose Win
  • Round 1: Arthur & Apocalypse (Burst Finish; 2pts)
  • Erase Devolos is shattered.

Special Moves Used

Full Episode



  • This episode marks the second time a Performance Tip was destroyed. The first was Shu breaking Valt's Strike Valtryek’s Reboot Tip Beyblade Burst Evolution - Episode 45.
  • Despite officially using Erase Devolos in his match, Delta’s profile picture showed him with Venom Devolos.
  • This mark the second time that Arthur has destroyed a Beyblade, first being Ace Dragon in Episode 15.
  • In the English version of the episode, the Welcome to the World of Beyblade opening uses the audio from the first version.


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