​"Dragon vs. Genesis!" (ドラゴンVSジェネシス!, Doragon VS Jeneshisu!)​ is the thirty-seventh episode of the Beyblade Burst GT anime and first aired on December 13th, 2019 in Japan.

"Aurora! Superior Turbo!" (極光!スペリオルターボ!, Kyokkō! Superioru Tābo!)​ is the thirty-eighth episode of the Beyblade Burst GT anime and first aired on December 20th, 2019 in Japan.

Both episodes later aired as the nineteenth episode of the Beyblade Burst Rise anime titled "Dragon vs. Genesis!" on June 20th, 2020 in New Zealand and on August 15th, 2020 in America.

Episode Descriptions

Overall: Dante's epic triumph over Arthur ignites his fame in the Blading world as a hero! Intrigued by his win, Gwyn asks Dante to battle him next! Meanwhile, Delta thinks of leaving the world of Blading behind. Can Valt bring him back?


Major Events

  • Dante and Gwyn begin their battle with the latter claiming victory.
  • Delta is still saddened over the loss of Devolos, but Valt cheers him up as the sun shines down on him, renewing his faith.
  • Gwyn predicts he'll break Command Dragon's layer, but fails and becomes upset.
  • Gwyn leaves Victories and vows to break Command Dragon in the future.



Featured Battles

Dante Koryu vs. Gwyn Reynolds
Team 1 Team 2
Dante Koryu
VS Bladers
Gwyn Reynolds
Command Dragon Ignition'
Royal Genesis Hybrid
Lose Win
  • Round 1: Gwyn & Genesis (Ring-Out Finish; 1pt)
  • Round 2: Gywn & Genesis (Burst Finish; 2pts)

Special Moves Used

Full Episode



  • The avatar for Genesis' awakened form is revealed to be a white mechanical dragon similar to Prime Apocalypse.
  • These episodes mark the first time Dante lost a battle with Command Dragon.
  • This is the fourth Beyblade Burst Rise episode to not have its name changed in the dub, the others being episodes 03, 05, and 18.


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