​"Creation of The World! Bigbang Genesis!" (創世! ビッグバンジェネシス!!, Sōsei! Bigguban Jeneshisu!!)​ is the forty-first and forty-second episodes of the Beyblade Burst Rise anime in Japan and the twenty-first episode Internationally. Episode 41 first aired on the CoroCoro Channel on Youtube on January 10th, 2020 and Episode 42 first aired on January 17th, 2020 in Japan.


Major Events

  • Gwyn evolves Royal Genesis Hybrid into Bigbang Genesis Hybrid.
  • Gwyn battles Arthur to test his new Beyblade and wins.
  • Gwyn gives the Bigbang Armor to Arthur to make Prime Apocalypse stronger.
  • Valt Aoi returns and reveals that the WBBA has built a new stadium: the Speed Double Stadium and proposes an exhibition match between Dante and Arman.
  • Dante and Arman begin their battle, but only for it to be interrupted once again by Arthur, who presents the newly armored Apocalypse to them and issues a challenge to the Victories.
  • Gwyn is revealed to have joined HELL.
  • Dante battles Delta with the latter being the victor.
  • Delta joins the Victories.



Featured Battles

Special Moves Used




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