​"Shine, Ashura!" (光れッ武神(アシュラ)!, Hikare Ashura!)​ is the forty-third and forty-fourth episode of the Beyblade Burst Rise anime in Japan and the twenty-second episode Internationally. Episode 43 first aired on the CoroCoro Channel on YouTube on January 24th, 2020 and Episode 44 first aired on January 31st, 2020 in Japan.


There's only a few moments until their match against HELL's team. Delta and Dante are ready to battle, but Arman feels impatient since he can't even activate Hyper-Flux. Delta realizes Arman's dilemma, and with his past self at the back of his mind, talks to Arman. "Listen to your Bey's voice more." With those words, Arman faces Ashindra and...!?

Major Events

  • After seeing Dante and Delta's progress, Arman wants to achieve Hyper-Flux.
  • Delta tells Arman to listen to Ashindra, allowing the Bey to obtain sentience and for Arman to meet Ashindra.
  • Arman activates Hyper-Flux for the first time and later masters it.
  • Delta defeats Arman with a Ring-Out Finish.
  • The battle of Victories vs. HELL begins and Arman offers to go against Arthur.



Featured Battles

Special Moves Used



  • When Arthur puts Apocalypse on his launcher before battling Arman, the Bigbang Armor is missing.


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