"Land it! Z Breaker!" (決めろ!ゼットバスター!!, Kimero! Zetto Basutā!!) is the fourth episode of the Beyblade Burst Turbo season. It first aired on April 23, 2018 and later aired on October 28th, 2018 in Canada and December 18th, 2018 in America.


Major Events



Featured Battles

  • Valt Aoi (Wonder Valtryek V4 12 Volcanic) vs Kurt Baratier (Khalzar K3 7Under Hunter) = Valt & Valtryek (2-0)
    • Round 1: Valt & Valtryek (Burst Finish; 2 pts)
  • Fubuki Sumiye (Forneus F4 0 Yard) vs Ranjiro Kiyama (Roktavor R4 11 Reach Wedge) = Fubuki & Forneus (2-0)
    • Round 1: Fubuki & Forneus (Burst Finish; 2 pts)
  • Aiger Akabane (Z Achilles A4 11 Xtend) vs Fubuki Sumiye (Forneus F4 0 Yard) = Aiger & Achilles (2-1)
    • Round 1: Fubuki & Forneus (Ring-Out Finish; 1 pt)
    • Round 2: Aiger & Achilles (Burst Finish; 2 pts)

Special Moves Used

Full Episode





  • The end of the episode reveals that Lui had been training at the base camp of Mt. Everest, the tallest mountain in the world.
  • Kurt is revealed to be ranked 6th in the world.
  • This is the second time a major Blader loses his Bey (the first time was in Eye On The Prize!, when Valt Aoi lost his Valtryek V2 Boost Variable).


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