"Turbo Match! Valtryek vs. Lúinor!" (超ゼツ対決!ヴァルキリーVSロンギヌス!!, Chōzetsu Taiketsu! Varukirī VS Ronginusu!!) is the fifth episode of the Beyblade Burst Turbo season. It first aired on April 30, 2018 and later aired on November 4th, 2018 in Canada and December 19th, 2018 in America.


Major Events

  • Aiger meets Lui for the first time.
  • Lui battles Aiger and defeats him with a Burst Finish.
  • The Beystadium is destroyed during the third battle of Valt and Lui's match; thus the referee declares a stalemate, and allowing Valt to once again keep his title of World Champion.



Featured Battles

  • Aiger Akabane (Z Achilles 11 Xtend) vs. Lui Shirosagi (Brutal Lúinor 13 Jolt) = Lui and Luinor (2-0)
    • Round 1: Lui & Luinor (Burst Finish; 2pts)
  • Valt Aoi (Wonder Valtryek 12 Volcanic) vs. Lui Shirosagi (Brutal Lúinor 13 Jolt) = No Contest
    • Round 1: Lui & Luinor (Burst Finish; 2pts)
    • Round 2: Valt & Valtryek (Burst Finish; 2pts)
    • Round 3: Draw (Battle is declared a stalemate due to the stadium's destruction)

Special Moves Used

Full Episode





  • This is the first time in the entire Burst series in which a stalemate is declared.
  • Aiger discovering Lui in his training room is identical to the moment when Valt did the same thing in Rideout Rising.
    • In addition, it's revealed that Lui's machine has been repaired and it now holds 3 ropes.


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