"Transformation! Hell Salamander!!" (変幻!ヘルサラマンダー!!, Hengen! Hell Salamander!!) is the eighth episode of the Beyblade Burst Super Z season. It first aired on May 21, 2018.


Suoh is still haunted by his loss to Fubuki sometime ago when Fubuki first obtained Emperor Forneus. Suoh is seen cutting and decorating a blossom tree. Suoh is later looking at a piece of metal which seems important to his family. An old man probably related to the Goshuin family or just a random bey trainer helps Suoh make Hell Salamander out of the piece of the metal he was looking at. Suoh picks up his new bey and is immediately controlled by Hell Salamander. Naru is seen feeding some animals but suddenly she feels a very frightening aura which is from Suoh and Hell Salamander. Suoh had come to battle Aiga but as Aiga wasn’t there Suoh went to battle Ranjiro as he also owned a Super Z bey. 3 children are seen playing with Aiga’s training machine, but they are not strong enough to pull it. Aiga shows up and is very hostile but the kids challenge Aiga to try to pull it. Aiga easily pulls it but accidentally hits Principal Shinoda after which he gets really mad. Aiga pushed his machine and ran quickly to Naru who told him about Suoh’s new bey. When Aiga and Toko arrive to see the battle between Ranjiro and Suoh they were just in time to watch it start. Suoh easily pushes back Roktavor’s wings and bursts it. This makes Aiga prompted to battle Suoh as well. Aiga battles Suoh and gets an over finish. Before the start of the second battle Suoh changes both modes on his bey. The mode change causes Suoh to be controlled by Hell Salamander. This reveals his marking and yellow eye. The mode change lets Suoh’s bey jump. Aiga uses Z Buster and thinks that he beat Suoh but Suoh uses the downward force to burst Achilles.

Major Events

  • Suoh obtains Hell Salamander 12 Operate, but ends up becoming possessed by it.
  • Aiga continues to train with his new machine.
  • Suoh battles Ranjiro and Aiga with Hell Salamander and easily defeats them both.



Featured Battles

Special Moves Used

  • Z Buster
  • Ragnaruk Typhoon





  • Suoh is turning out similar to Shu as he also is controlled by his bey.


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