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"Epic Voyage! Battleship Cruise!!" (大航海!バトルシップクルーズ!!, Dai kōkai! Batorushippu Kurūzu! !; Grand Voyage! Battleship Cruise!!) is the sixteenth episode of the Beyblade Burst Turbo anime. It first aired on July 16th, 2018 in Japan and later aired on January 20th, 2019 in Canada and on March 2nd, 2019 in America.

Episode Description[]

Aiger, Hae-jin, and Cap’n hop aboard the Battleship Cruise! Aiger will have to face off against friend and foe if he wants a shot at battling World Champion, Valt Aoi. But with two members of the Turbo 4 on board, this is set to be his hardest challenge yet!


Major Events[]

  • Aiger, Ranjiro, Hae-jin, Suoh, Laban, Phi, and three mystery Bladers are selected to participate in a new tournament on a cruise ship called Battleship Cruise, the winner of which will get to have a battle against Valt Aoi.
  • Everyone learns about the Turbo 4, a group of the four most powerful Bladers of the "new generation".
  • Tobisuke, Gumita, and Naru are revealed to have stowed away on the ship, but are allowed to stay.
  • The Battleship Cruise's AI, Beyeen, is introduced.



Featured Battles[]

Phi vs. Ranjiro Kiyama vs. Hae-jin Oh - Battleship Cruise First Round - Turbo Stadium Battle Royale
Revive Phoenix 10 Friction
Ranjiro Kiyama
Crash Roktavor 11Reach Wedge
Hae-jin Oh
Archer Hercules 13 Eternal
Win (Phi)
  • Phi & Phoenix (2 Burst Finishes; 4 pts)
Aiger Akabane vs. Suoh Genji vs. Laban Vanot
Aiger Akabane
Z Achilles 11 Xtend
Suoh Genji
Heat Salamander 12 Operate
Laban Vanot
Vice Leopard 12Lift Destroy
Win (Laban Vanot)
  • Laban & Leopard (2 Burst Finishes: 4 pts)

Special Moves Used[]

Full Episode[]




  • This episode introduces the second Japanese opening for Beyblade Burst Super Z.
  • Valt's nervous approach to delivering his speech (tripping over himself) is a callback to every season 1 episode where Valt did the same thing.