"Sword of the Legendary Hero!" (勇者と聖剣!!, Yūsha to seiken!!) is the seventeenth episode of the Beyblade Burst Turbo season. It first aired on July 23, 2018 and later aired on January 27th, 2019 in Canada and March 9th, 2019 in America.


Another member of the Turbo 4 joins the fray: an apprentice of the one-and-only Xander Shakadera. This princely Blader is searching for his true rival and will take on anyone who stands in his path! Does Aiger have what it takes to meet Xavier Bogard and prove his mettle?

Major Events

  • Aiger and Co. meet a young prince and Blader named Xavier Bogard, who is revealed to be one of the tournament's mystery Bladers.
  • A flashback reveals that with the help of his mentor, Xander Shakadera, Xavier used a sword to forge his Bey: Xcalius X4 1' Sword.



Featured Battles

Special Moves Used





BEYBLADE BURST TURBO Episode 17 Sword of the Legendary Hero!

BEYBLADE BURST TURBO Episode 17 Sword of the Legendary Hero!


  • When Xavier reached out to his bey after his battle with Aiger, Xcalius burst before he could grab it.
  • The second version of Turbo, which plays in the opening in Episodes 9-12, returns in this episode and plays in the opening up through Episode 19.


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