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"Valt vs. Aiger!" (バルトVSアイガ!!, Baruto VS Aiga!!) is the twenty-eighth episode of the Beyblade Burst Turbo season. It first aired on October 8, 2018 in Japan and later aired on May 11th, 2019 in Canada and on July 13, 2019 in America.

Episode Description

After all the battles and training, it's finally time for Aiger to take on Valt Aoi! It’s clear to everyone watching that Aiger’s come a long way, but is there something darker than sheer determination at the root of this newfound power?


Major Events

  • As the match continues, Valt realizes that Aiger's resonance has become corrupted.
  • Aiger taps into his resonance and obtains more power, destroying Wonder Valtryek and winning the World Champion belt.
  • Taiga becomes aware of Aiger's corruption, confirming his worst fear.
  • Phi challenges Aiger to a regular match to see the extent of his darkness.



Featured Battles

Aiger Akabane vs. Valt Aoi - Title Match
Team 1 Team 2
Aiger Akabane
VS Bladers
Valt Aoi
Z Achilles 11 Xtend+
Wonder Valtryek 12 Volcanic
Win Lose
  • Round 2: Valt & Valtryek (Burst Finish; 2pts)
  • Round 3: Aiger & Achilles (Burst Finish; 2pts)
  • Wonder Valtryek is destroyed

Special Moves Used

Full Episode





  • Phi and Aiger’s match at the end of the episode takes place during a type of total lunar eclipse called a ”Blood moon”.
  • This is the first time Valt's Bey has been destroyed, not counting when Shu destroyed Strike Valtryek's Reboot Tip in Beyblade Burst Evolution - Episode 45.
  • This episode is the final episode to feature the original BEY-POP! as the Japanese ending theme for Beyblade Burst Super Z.