"Super Z Clash! Showdown in the Evil Castle!!" (超ゼツ激突!魔城の決戦!!, Chōzetsu Gekitotsu! Majō no Kessen!!) is the thirty-seventh episode of the Beyblade Burst Turbo season. It first aired on December 10, 2018.


Major Events

  • In the second match, Hyde takes notice of the new Super Z Beyblade's strength as Valt managed to gain one point.
  • In the third match, Valt manages to activate his Super Z Awakening System, allowing Cho-Z Valkyrie to overwhelm Dead Hades and win the match.
  • Valt reclaims the World Champion belt as Hyde walks away defeated and infuriated, with his elder brother Phi watching from afar.
  • After challenging Aiger, Phi reveals that Phoenix has more darkness and taps in it, causing Phoenix to turn black.
  • Phi defeats Z Achilles, breaking it into three pieces, and cleansing Aiger of his corruption.
  • As Phi leaves with dissatisfaction over his victory, Aiger is left devastated over Z Achilles' destruction and flabbergasted by his own hubris.



Featured Battles

Battle continued from the previous episode

Special Moves Used





  • Right before its Energy Layer breaks, Achilles can be heard shouting Aiger's name.
  • When Valt was declared victor, his photo still potrayed him with Wonder Valtryek instead of Cho-Z Valkyrie.