"Turbo Clash! Showdown at The Dark Citadel!" (超ゼツ激突!魔城の決戦!!, Chōzetsu Gekitotsu! Majō no Kessen!!) is the thirty-seventh episode of the Beyblade Burst Turbo season. It first aired on December 10, 2018 and later aired on June 9, 2019 in Canada and on September 14, 2019 in America.

Episode Description

It’s time for Valt to prove once and for all who belongs in the top spot as he clashes with Hyde in a Dread Tower showdown. Frustrated by his earlier loss to Hyde, Aiger storms out of the match and runs into Phi. As the two face off, Phi demonstrates his destructive powers, pushing Achilles to the breaking point!


Major Events

  • In the second match, Hyde takes notice of the new Turbo Beyblade's strength as Valt managed to gain one point.
  • In the third match, Valt manages to activate Valtryek's Turbo Awakened state, allowing him overwhelm Dread Hades and win the match.
  • Valt reclaims the World Champion belt as Hyde walks away defeated and infuriated, with his elder brother Phi watching from afar.
  • After challenging Aiger, Phi reveals that Phoenix has more darkness and taps in it, causing Phoenix to turn black.
  • Aiger's dark resonance leads to him pushing Achilles too far, causing its Energy Layer to break into three pieces, leaving Phi as the victor.
  • As Phi leaves with dissatisfaction over his victory, Aiger is left devastated over Z Achilles' destruction and flabbergasted by his own hubris.



Featured Battles

Battle continued from the previous episode

Special Moves Used

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  • Right before its Energy Layer breaks, Achilles can be heard shouting Aiger's name.
  • After zooming out when Valt was declared the victor, his profile photo portrayed him with Wonder Valtryek instead of Turbo Valtryek.


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