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Beyblade Evolution Cross Arms (ベイブレード エボリューション クロスアームズ, Beiburēdo Eboryūshon Kurosu Āmuzu) is a series released on December 2004.


The rule is to knock off each other's heads. Equipped with a mechanism to transform into a robot form. It is in the same genre as the Hidden Spirits series, but is not connected to the story. All Beyblades were assigned a serial number with this format: 00.

It has its own background story, but it has an independent worldview that is not connected to the Original Series at all. The story was not developed using a media mix such as manga or anime, but was instead told through explanations and illustrations on the packaging. The character designs are by KENGOU.

How to play[]

Gyro Battle[]

This battle is an evolution of the traditional way of playing by spinning the Gyro Arms. The victory condition is to send the head part of the Gyro Arms flying with the impact of the collision caused by the rotation. It has a gimmick that causes the parts to collapse, the idea is similar to the later Burst Series. As for the victory conditions, there are also Sleep-Outs and Ring-Outs like in the previous Beyblade series, so there is not much difference in the feel of the game.

Gunner Battle[]

A race battle in which Cross Arms transformed into gunner mode compete for speed.


Product ID Name Classification Type Takara Release Date Hasbro Release Date
01 Lightning Zex
Raitoningu Zekusu
02 Haouryu
03 Gyro Battle Challenge Set
Jairo Batoru Charenji Setto
04 Metal Gigant
Metaru Giganto
05 Gyro Stage
Jairo Sutēji
06 Striker Zex
Sutoraikā Zekusu
07 Garouoh


"Spin World" is a parallel world to the Earth we live in. When the door to another dimension suddenly opens, a being called "Cross Arms" appears, who communicates with the boy who lives on Earth and guides him. Guided by this being, the boy sets off on a journey to all six stages of Spin World, but...



A 10 years old boy. He is good at soccer and has a strong sense of justice, but he also has a strong competitive spirit and never gives up.

  • Beyblades used: Lightning Zex, Striker Zex.


A 10 years old boy. He has a cool appearance with distinctive silver hair. He has excellent grades and a sharp intellect, but because he is so talented for a child, he has no friends. However, he is considered to be the strongest and solitary rival who makes Yuuta passionate. When he meets Haouryu, they share a heart-to-heart bond and become best friends, and he sets off on a journey to the Spin World.

  • Beyblades used: Haouryu, Garouoh.


A boy estimated to be 12 years old. Perhaps because he is from another world, he has a unique appearance compared to Yuuta and Shinya. He has been given the mission to protect the first layer since ancient times, and has a strong belief in battle. There are many mysteries surrounding him, such as why he was given the mission to protect the first layer, and whether there are any other people from another world in Spin World besides Zack.

  • Beyblades used: Metal Gigant.