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Well, whaddya think this is? LOL, Welcome to the Interview.[]

Welcome to the Interview part of the newspaper. This issue, I interviewed a blader in REAL LIFE. His nickname is JakszonBladz. Note that he is not on the wiki. Just to let you know, Bold text means I"M speaking, and regular text is JB.

Welcome, JB. Thanks for letting me interview you. Now, I must ask, Why are you a Blader? No prob, and uh, Well, I started blading when Metal Fusion came out. I liked the concept, and the fact that you can customize your top to decide the outcome.

What Is your 1. First Blade, and 2. Who is your favorite bey? Well, My starter partner was Flame Saggitario C145S. I really trust my Saggitario; we've never Lost! Also, My favorite bey is Thermal Pisces, Though I was hoping they would show The Shark, instead of some trick thingy...

Do you plan on Joining the BeyWiki? Maybe, though I'm pretty bad at grammer. I may show up around September as JakzonBlaze.

Do you have any good customizations to share with us? Well, only 3. First, a good attack top is Inferno Capricorn 100R2F. A good stamina combo is Cyber FireBlaze 145MS, and Defense, Earth Leone ED145WD.

Well, I think thats it. Thank you, JB. No prob, I just wanna get back to training for a tournament. Never know when a tournament will show up!

Thats True! Well, That's all Folks! Lol, Seriously, Read the rest of the paper, and Stay tuned for the next issue!

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