The three only known Insect Beyblades

Insect Beyblade was an unreleased series of Beyblade that was to be part of the Plastic Generation. Its theme was to have Beyblades based on insects, which would make sense considering that insect-fighting or rather "bugfighting" is quite popular in Japan and other Eastern countries.

The only known image of it was the image in this article at the top right-hand corner. Only three of these Insect Beyblades were revealed. The first, Rhinoceros Beetle, a black and orange Beyblade, the second, Hercules Beetle, a red and orange Beyblade, and the third, Stag Beetle, a blue Beyblade resembling Dranzer V2 but with a few modifications.

Nobody is certain as to why this series of Beyblade never took off. As a result, Insect Beyblade was replaced with the next big series of Beyblade, Metal Fight Beyblade (MFB).

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