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The Beyblade Official Handbook is a 96 page official handbook written by Tracy West, designed by Alexander, Dylan, and Ryan R. It covers photos, facts, and stats on 100 recognizable bladers and Beys from both the Metal Fusion and Masters series including a bonus introduction on how Beyblade first started and a handy glossary listing important terminology to the sport as well as a Blader's Guide. The book was published in January 2012 by Scholastic.


The Legend of Beyblade

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Metal Fusion[]

Metal Fusion Heroes[]

Metal Fusion Rivals[]

Metal Fusion Beys[]

Metal Fusion Highlights[]

Gingka vs One Hundred Face Hunters[]

When Gingka first appeared, Kyoya ordered Benkei and ninety-nine other Face Hunters to battle Gingka all at once. For most Bladers, this would spell end, but Gingka defeated every last one of them.

Flame Libra defeats Pegasus[]

Many Bladers competed in the Survival Battle challenge, but in the final battle came down to two: Gingka and Yu. Innocent - looking Yu didn't appear to be much of a threat, but he stunned everyone when his Flame Libra took down Pegasus with a supersonic move: Libra Inferno Blast.

Six - Blader Battle Royal[]

In a special Battle Blader Challenge match, six top competitors faced off to win ten thousand Bey Points. Gingka, Kyoya, Tsubasa, Yu, Kenta, and Hyoma all entered the battle royal. Tsubasa eliminated Hyoma, and then Gingka took down Yu and Tsubasa - and himself in the process. That made room for Kyoya to defeat Kenta for the victory - and all the points.

Yu stays strong[]

As punishment for losing a match, Doji made Yu battle Reiji and his Poison Serpent. Flame Libra grew weaker and weaker during the match, and Yu realized that Gingka was right - the Dark Nebula is an evil organization, and he shouldn't have joined. That knowledge gave him the strength to fuel one last sonic move from Libra, helping Yu break free.

Best Friends Battle[]

Benkei has always looked up to Kyoya, his best friend. Then they're pitted against each other in a Battle Bladers challenge match. Benkei's Dark Bull developed a new move during the fight, but Leone's King Lion Tearing Blast finished him. "You're stronger than you were.", Kyoya told Benkei. "But you'd better get even stronger for your next battle."

The Final Battle[]

The last Battle Bladers match was about more that proving who was number one. L-Drago's power was so strong that the Bey was poised to destroy the whole world. Pegasus and L-Drago took their battle high into the stratosphere. Then Gingka called on the combined power of all Bladers everywhere, giving Pegasus the strength it needed to destroy L-Drago and save the world.

Metal Masters[]

Metal Masters Beys[]

Blader's Battle Guide[]

See Blader's Battle Guide

Battle On! Conclusion[]

The Author[]

Tracey West is a talented author for countless of books, mainly from liscenced media such as Pokemon and others.


  • The book contains quotes from each character.
  • The pictures of Thermal Lacerta and Gravity Destroyer were exchanged by accident.
  • Demure's name is misspelled to Damoure.
  • An image of Thermal Pieces has been printed in place of Hades Kerbecs, resulting in an error.