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The Beyblade Synchrom Battle Set is the second Zero-G set produced by Takara Tomy, succeeding the Start Dash Set and preceding the First Zero-G Battle Set. It was released on June 23, 2012 for 2,100円 in Japan.

It focuses on the Synchrom aspect of Zero-G, giving Bladers the opportunity and ability of Synchrom with the two Zero-G Beyblades in this set.



Pirates Killerken and Samurai Ifraid both possess great competitive parts. However, all of these interesting parts (Killerken, A230, JSB, Ifraid) are included in more worthwhile subsequent releases: the Beyblade Ultimate Synchrom DX Set Attack & Balance Type and the Beyblade Ultimate Synchrom DX Set Attack & Balance Type. At the time of this Set's release, Killerken was exclusive to it, but it then become an overall obsolete purchase due to the aforementioned Sets. Only W145 and CF, useful in Stamina and Attack respectively, are not comprised in the Ultimate Synchrom DX Sets, yet they can be obtained through more widely spread releases. Finally, the Zero-G Light Launcher provides no greater power than a regular BeyLauncher even if it offers more convenient launching angle for Zero-G Stadiums, allowing Bladers to come in contact as little as possible during launch. Generally, this Set should only be purchased for collection purposes, or to obtain a second Killerken Chrome Wheel for Synchrom with itself and conveniently get Samurai Ifraid's good parts.



  • If one were to look closely at the box, they would see Takara Tomy made an error and misspelled Pirates as Pirate.
  • On the back of the box of this Set, Takara Tomy recommended to use this combo: MSF Orojya Revizer/Orochi Leviathan A230JSB. It was later created in the Hasbro's Leviathan Orochi Water Synchrome 2-Pack.
  • Ifraid/Ifrit's CF tip is loose and makes the Bey wobble. It can be detached of the Spin Track easily.