Team Gan Gan Galaxy

Beyblade Team Packs are sets that come with a Metal Masters' teams' Beyblades.

It comes with three Beyblades, two launchers with the team's logo on it, and three codes.

GanGan Galaxy

The GanGan Galaxy team consists of Gingka Hagane, Masamune Kadoya, and Tsubasa Otori.

This pack comes with Galaxy Pegasus W105R2F, Ray Striker D125CS, and Earth Eagle 145WD.

It has two launchers with the GanGan Galaxy logo stickers on them.

Star Breaker

The StarBreaker team consists of Zeo Abyss, Damian Hart, and the mysterious Jack.

This pack comes with Flame Byxis 230WD, Evil Befall UW145EWD, and Hades Kerbecs BD145DS.(Note: the facebolt of Befall will break after a lot of uses, same with the BD145.)

Comes with two launchers with Star Breaker logo stickers on them.


The Excalibur team consists of Julian Konzern, Wales, Sophie and Klaus

This pack comes with Gravity Destroyer AD145WD, Grand Cetus WD145RS, and Grand Capricorn 145D. Comes with two launchers with Excalibur logo stickers on them.


  • These packs only consist of 3 beys and the one sub member's beyblade is missing. So the only ones in these packs are the normal members except for Excalibur which has Klaus the sub in the Excalibur Team Pack.
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