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The Beyblade TCG is a game of dueling Beyblade and it's up to the players skill and strategy to help the player win. Each player builds a deck of cards and starts the duel by putting down their Beyblade card and a stack of "Spin" cards. Then each player takes turns playing cards, matching card colors to see who wins an attack, then matching card "Battle Edges" to do damage by removing cards from the other player's Spin cards. There's a "Basic" game mode which is simple enough for any player and is a great way to get started. The "Advanced" mode has a ton of extra card powers for advanced strategies and players.

Features of the Beyblade Trading Card game[]

The Basic and Advanced game modes are a great way to make sure that everyone can play the game and still keep it interesting. There are also cool extras like decals for the players cards, collectable foil cards and more. The best part of the game is the Battle Edge - each card has up to six symbols and matching them up against other cards lets you see if you win/lose/tie a challenge. It's a great way to make the game slightly random.

Cards and Cards Availability[]


Beyblade Trading Card Game

  • The Beyblade Collision card set features a total of 130 different cards, including 10 blade cards. Through special retail promotions and other means, an additional 14 promotional foil cards were made available.
  • Starter packs contain 60 cards, with 5 of these being starter-exclusive foil cards. Booster packs contain "Rare" foil cards in place of one of the other cards. There are 11 cards, including a single rare card in each booster pack. Each booster pack has a 1 in 8 chance of including an "Xtra-Rare" foil card in place of one of the other cards.