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The Beyblade Ultimate DX Set is a Set that was released on November 19, 2011 for 3780 yen.



Oddly, besides offering a new Beyblade, this Set was also meant to include different renditions of the two main character's Beyblades. Therefore, Wing Pegasis resembles Big Bang Pegasis slightly, while L Drago Guardian is very similar to L Drago Destroy F:S and was intended to be a more defensive version of the latter.

The Ultimate DX Set is comprised mostly of competitive parts. Duo, Wing, and L Drago Guardian are useful Metal Wheels for Defense, and Duo is even top-tier in both Stamina and Defense. 90, S130, and WF have some uses in Attack, MB has niche uses in Defense and Balance, and WD is a staple Stamina Bottom. Moreover, the Beylauncher LR is arguably the most useful launcher for MFB; it has similar power to the Beylauncher and has the ability to launch left- and right-spin Beyblades. Finally, the Metal Face Custom Set is a worthy addition for the different types of Metal Faces it offers.

While the Ultimate DX Set is not cheap by any means, nearly every part included in this set is competitively viable. For this reason, this set is a worthwhile purchase for any Blader.