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The Beyblade Wiki is a wiki with the goal of becoming the biggest and best source of knowledge about the Beyblade series produced by Takara Tomy. As a wiki, anyone can help build and improve it, and we encourage all Beyblade fans to do so.


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Beyblade Wiki was created on August 14th, 2007 by DranzerX13. At the time, DranzerX13 was the only contributer and the wiki barely obtained any information on Beyblade whatsoever. The wiki struggled and still did not get many edits. Very few users have edited, and Beyblade Wiki was dismissed by some, as a terrible wiki.

However, it would not be in that state forever. Probably the most important user, HazeShot, stepped in. At the time, DranzerX13 abandoned the wiki, and was has headed by it's only admin, Solar Dragon. He gave HazeShot admin rights as HazeShot edited Beyblade Wiki regularly. However, Solar Dragon left due to disagreements with the staff and would never return, leaving HazeShot alone to edit Beyblade Wiki.

There still came a time of hope, in late 2010. A very important user, EdBoy3 came. He was a user at the time and was new to Beyblade. He wanted to learn more about it, but was sad to see that the wiki, was in bad shape. He edited regularly and soon enough, he became an admin. Other important users like, Tripodnumberone, DarkusMaster84, FastBlade5035, Zachattack31, and Manaphy12342 appeared. Most would become future admins, and help the Beyblade Wikia with HazeShot.

The wiki founder and creator, DranzerX13 would then return in mid-2011 after seeing how well his wiki went, turning from a ghost-town, into a highly updated database on Beyblade. He abandoned his Metal Fight Beyblade Wiki, he created after he left, and decided to continue editing at Beyblade Wiki.

Beyblade Wiki continues to grow, but we are constantly pushing to improve and attract new users. If you know something we don't, why not add it, and help us make Beyblade Wiki the best Beyblade resource there is!