This policy had been due for a long time. A bully is defined as:

a person who is habitually mean to others. They inflict physical and mental abuse on their victims.

This policy hereby states that anyone who is caught bullying others, whether user, chat mod, or admin, they will face a severe punishment. Bullying before this policy cannot be reported.

Reporting Bullying

Bullying must be reported at Beyblade Wiki:Report in order to open a case. The case will then be inspected by the entire admin board, to which they will reach a consensus. Do not report bullying on chat, blogs, forums, or message walls!



  • First offense: 1 week ban
  • Second offense: 1 month ban
  • Final offense: Infinite ban

Chat Mod:

  • First offense: Removal of powers
  • Second offense: 1 month ban
  • Final offense: Infinite ban


  • First offense: Demotion to chat mod
  • Second offense: Demotion to user
  • Third offense: 1 month ban
  • Final offense: Infinite ban

Examples of bullying

What constitutes bullying? Well bullying is any action that harms a person mentally or physically. This being a wiki, people cannot be harmed physically, however they can very well be harmed mentally. The troll emoticons do not excuse bullying, and anything that harms a person is bullying.

  • Name calling/Insults: Giving people nicknames is fine, so long as they accept the nickname. If they do not accept the nickname yet are constantly called it and in turn they are emotionally hurt, that is bullying, and it must be reported. Any name calling that hurts a user severly emotionally or mentally must be reported. This can apply to users and their family.
  • Trolling: Trolling will not be tolerated if it is used to mask bullying. If a troll or troll joke goes to far, it must be reported.
  • Harrasment: If someone is found harrasing another user in pm, then they are in fact bullying that user.
  • Power abuse: If a chat moderator or admin abuses their power and it causes emotional harm such as kicking a user for stating an opinion that is different from the moderator's opinion, then it can be reported as bullying. Kicking for fun can also be reported as bullying.
  • Fighting: If multiple people fight with one user, and they do this on purpose, and the person who is being ganged up on, should they feel it is bullying, they can report it.


If someone is found instigating users and then reports it as bullying, then it will not be considered bullying. However, both parties will be banned for a time span depending on the severity of the fight.

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