Harassment of another user (through personal attacks or vandalism of their page) will lead to an immediate block.


If it is an Administrator continually harassing others, then that Administrator will be blocked and stripped of their administrator privleges.

Disobeying and attacking an Administrator's order or comment, if the comment is reasonable, will result in a block of the offender.

Personal Attacks

Personal attacks include disparaging another user, insulting them, making jokes about them (without their permission and in a bad way), or threatening them for no reason (or using excessive threats like death threats or stalking threats). Warnings for misbehaviour do not count as threats.

Vandalism of their Page

You cannot edit another person's message to insult someone else. (although changing a message due to private/sensitive issues is allowed) Also, you cannot edit their page to insult them or any other user. Attacking a person on his/her Talk Page is also a breach of Policy.


No Masking Sentences, a Sentence with an inner meaning.


A User will NOT start a hate list of any kind, or express hatred for other users in a dissatisfactory way. Also, starting a new Wiki saying that you hate a user is against Wikia's policies and will be closed by the Wikia Staff.

However, people are entitled to their opinions when they speak of things not related to other members or users. If someone says that he dislikes a certain object, other users are not allowed to create a hate group against that person.

New Users

If a new user makes a mistake, it is forbidden for people to attack or yell at the user. Instead, calmly undo or fix the mistake, then tell the user what he did wrong, and what he should do instead. If the user continues to ignore the suggestions, it will result in a block under a breach of the Warning Policy.

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