For use in articles, pictures must have no tampering, or, at the most, must have small print from the seller. (if it is from an auction site)

Allowed images

  • Uploading images that are not your own work, (i.e. fan art) need to have a copyright disclaimer.
  • Images containing sexual content are NOT allowed, the images will be deleted and you will be blocked on sight.
  • Please only upload PG images, no graphic violence or horror.
  • Do not add Fan-Made or Non-Beyblade Images to articles; after all, this is not a Fanon Wiki. However, those images can be for your User Page; otherwise, they will most likely be deleted.
  • Please don't add multiple Non-Beyblade Images (except for User Pages, and Talk Pages).
  • All images must be in High Quality, with the exception of .GIF animations, which oftentimes (when recorded from an episode) end up in Low Quality.

Image Spamming

"Image spamming" is when a user posts an excessive amount of images on a certain article, and only for one sub-gallery (for example, someone uploads a ton of images only for Tyson's gallery). When the said images are redundant, unnecessary, and/or duplicated, this counts as image spamming.

Image spamming can only be done on User Pages, but even then, there is a certain amount of images you can place before it begins lagging the servers, and the Administrators will have to remove some images.

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