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Welcome to the Current events, the Beyblade Wikia page where users can find out what is new and ongoing at the wiki, as well as tasks for contributors looking to add to the site. Admins, please edit this page to add new info on current events when applicable.

Current Events

  • BeybladeChamp has been promoted to a Chat Moderator, come congratulate her on her wall!

New Tasks

There are some areas that definitely could use some attention by anyone wishing to do a little searching. Here's a short list that will change as time goes along, feel free to add to, or complete and remove the items. We hope this can help focus all the contributors around completing or at least updating the site.

Tasks for Original Series

  • Complete and rework all Plastic Gen and HMS Beyblades
  • Rework all Characters
  • Complete and rework all Episodes
  • Complete all Songs

Tasks for Metal Saga

  • Rework all Beyblades
  • Rework all Characters
  • Rework all Episodes