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The Beyblade Zero-G Ultimate Synchrom DX Set Attack & Balance Type (Japanese: ベイブレードゼロジー 究極シンクロームDXセットアタック&バランスタイプ, Beibureedo ZeroJii Kyuukyoku Shinkuroomu DX Setto Atakku & Baransu taipu, BBG-24) is the fourth set released for the Metal Fight Beyblade Zero-G toy line. Acting as the successor to the Custom Sets and Ultimate Customize Sets, it includes parts intended for Attack-Type and Balance-Type customizations in Synchrom. It was first released on November 17, 2012 in Japan for 3,150円.

Its counterpart is the Beyblade Ultimate Synchrom DX Set Defense & Stamina Type, also released on the same day for the same price.



Following the logic that TAKARA-TOMY releases better parts at every passing month, as some of the last few products of the Metal Fight Beyblade Zero-G line this Set and the Beyblade Ultimate Synchrom DX Set Defense & Stamina Type contain some of the best parts for all Metal Fight Beyblade metagames. The inclusion of six Chrome Wheels represents a great deal regardless of competitive value, but Ifraid, Saramanda, Balro, Gryph and Girago have all found use in good combinations for Attack and Balance types. SA165 is an essential top-tier Track for several types of customizations, and GCF's ability to embrace the curve of the stadium guarantees the base for excellent Zero-G Attack. For all these reasons, every Blader should own at least one of this Set.



  • It was originally going to include the Phoenic Chrome Wheel instead of Gryph[1].