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Beylin Fist a similar organization to Beylin Temple, but were kicked out of the Beylin Temple. They focus on attack more than defense, opposite of the Beylin Temple which had a special move focused on defense.


The two groups had a devastating war in previous times, and as a result, those of Beylin Fist were exiled. Bao and Aguma along with the Bey Hunters are those of Beylin Fist. The organization seeks to prove themselves as the ultimate beyblading force, not only in China, but in all of the world. They are most likely considered the Face Hunters of the 4D seires. Aguma and Bao are considered their leaders and decided to put Beylin Fist behind them and Aguma joined the Legendary Bladers in the fight against Nemesis.

Characters and Beyblades

There are many Beylin Fist Bladers, but Aguma and Bao are the strongest Bladers. Aguma's bey is Scythe Kronos T125EDS and Bao's bey is Hell Crown 130FB. All the other Bladers aren't so strong and have Generic Beys.


Beylin Temple was a strong organization to be the number one in the world to take over Gan Gan Galaxy but the Beylin Fist was similar to them as well which causes Beylin Temple in their way.

In the Greatest Team-Tag Tournament the Beylin Fist and the Beylin Temple was in that game. While Gingka and Yuki and Kyoya and Benkei were in that too! So the first match was Gingka and Yuki vs Dashan and Chi-Yun Li.

At the end of that match the winner was Team Gingka so Team Dashan didn't come to the end of that tournament which makes Beylin Fist quite happy as they had beaten Gingka’s team in the final.


  • Their robes resemble the robes used by the Team Plasma Grunts in the unaired Pokémon the Series:Black & White two partner episodes Team Rocket vs. Team Plasma parts 1 and 2.