Beypoint Card

The BeyPoint Card is a successor to the Beypointer. It is released in Japan by Takara-Tomy. It is only compatible with the 3 Segment Launcher. It will be released in its Hasbro version in 2013. It is available with the specifically marked starter sets of Galaxy Pegasis DX Set, Galaxy Pegasus W105R²F Ray Striker D125CS, Big Bang Pegasis DX Set.


A direct successor to the Beypointer, it is proved to be very useful. It is very useful to bladers. A number of Characters use it like: Gingka Hagane, Sophie, Julian Konzern, Masamune Kadoya, Wales, Chi-yun Li, Mei-Mei, Dashan Wang, Chao Xin, Damian Hart, Salhan, Nile, Klaus etc. It appears in the series of Beyblade: Metal Masters and Beyblade: Metal Fury. A very useful tool indeed.
HNI 0074

Julian Konzern's card

Advantages & Disadvantages


1. It is only compatible with the 3 segment laucher grip.

2. The amount of points cannot be counted unless inserted into Bey Ta 1 machine or any WBBA Tournament.

3. It may break as it is not made with good plastic.

4. Points cannot be stored on a Nintendo DS.

5. It should be handled with extreme care or else its connectors may get messed up.


1. User friendly, easy to use.

2. No battery required.

3. Just drop and push.

5. Points can be retreived if card is broken.

6. Your points are totally safe, so don't worry about bullies.

7. Point can be transferred from beypointer and vice versa.


1. Even though there are more Bey point card users in the anime, Beypointers are given more importance.

2. In the anime, instead of writing BEYPOINT CARD they just write the WBBA Logo