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The Beypointer is an Accessory released as part of the Metal Fight Beyblade series. It was released by Takara Tomy in Japan on August 9, 2008 with the BB-01 Starter Pegasis 105F and BB-02 Starter Bull 125SF. It was later released separately with the BB-16 product code.

The Beypointer was succeeded by the Beypoint Card in the Beyblade: Metal Masters toyline.


  • Beypointer


The Beypointer can be attached either to a Light Launcher or BeyLauncher. It is also compatible with the original Launcher Grip. The Beypointer is used to keep track of Beypoints and determine your Blader ranking. The default amount of Beypoints is 1000. After a battle, data can be exchanged between two Beypointers by connecting them at the top. 10 point additions and deductions can be made, depending on who is the winner/loser.

The Beypointer can also be connected to machines like the Bey Ta 1 and the Nintendo DS through the use of a Beypointer reader. Special passwords were distrubuted at WBBA events that gave Bladers Beypoints ranging between 100 to 500 each.

Sonokong has released the Beypointer twice as well, in blue and gold.