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A Beypointer is a Beyblade accessory released by Takara-Tomy that can be attached either to the back of the Ripcord or String Launchers
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Black Beypointer

in Beyblade: Metal Fusion. It serves as a calculator for your Beypoints. It is used to keep track of your Beypoints and to determine your rank as a Blader. It is currently only released in Japan, Korea and the Philippines together with starter sets of Pegasus 105F and Bull 125SF.


When obtaining a Beypointer you will have 1000 Beypoints. After you battle, you connect the Beypointer to the Launcher. If you won you will earn 10 points but if you lost, you will lose 10 points. It can also be connected to machines like the Bey Ta 1 and the Nintendo DS through the use of a Beypoint Reader, it will keep track of all your points in those games. Players can cheat however by simply buying 2 Beypointers and connecting them together to gain an infinite amount of points. Special passwords were also given at official events that can give players points ranging from 100 to 500 points each. The Beypointer is not that commonly used in Japan anymore because the Beypoint Card system has replaced the Beypointer system.


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