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Challenge is the fourth episode of Beywarriors: BeyRaiderz.


Kaiser Gray sends Task out to learn the strength of Armes. The BeyWarriors approach a windy valley where three arenas are said to exist. The group divides into groups of two- Sho w/ Rachel, Jin w/ Jimmy, and Leon w/ Ricky. They each take one of three paths they believe leads to an arena. Before dividing on the paths, Rachel tells everyone the legend of the Secret Garden that the six mythic beasts once lived in. She believes bringing back the Secret Garden will bring back prosperity to the land. Jin, Jimmy, Leon, and Ricky arrive at the end of their paths only to find two unusable arenas. In a cave the floor begins to collapse, and Sho is saved by Armes. Armes leads Sho and Rachel to the final arena. Sho tries to convince Armes to join them, but when Armes refuses Task intervenes and battles Armes. After the battle Task announces that all the BeyRaiderz powers will soon go to Master Gray. Rachel's face turns pail as she utters the name in horror- Kaiser Gray. Kaiser Gray entrusts Task with the task of recruiting Armes to join their side.

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