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Homesick is the eighth episode of Beywarriors: Beyraiderz. It first aired on February 22nd, 2014.


Task introduces Armes to Kaiser Gray. Armes realizes Kaiser Gray has a tie with the mythic beasts and decides to help him be resurrected. Leon and Ricky battle with Leon's Mythic beast awakening. While searching for the next town, Ricky goes off on his own to try and awaken his beast. Instead of finding the arena, he finds three boys: Moot, Raizon, and Andre. The three boys left trying to become wealthy so they could return to the village and doing a well. Instead of being successful they all failed and deceived each other. Ricky plays along with Moot at first, but eventually he proves that the only way to be successful is by being honest and trying your hardest. A tag-team battle is held with Sho and Ricky facing Leon and Jin. After gaining a 2-1 token lead, Sho's BeyRaiderz is stopped leaving Ricky to face the other two by himself. Ricky manages to gain the last token, and his mythic beast awakens. The BeyRaiderz promise to bring wealth and prosperity back to the land, and the 3 boys decide to head off and try to be successful again.

Major Events[]


  • Sho Tenma
  • Rachel Cruise
  • Jimmy Cruise
  • Jin Ryu
  • Leon Fierce
  • Ricky Gills
  • Armes Navy
  • Task Landau
  • Muth
  • Raison
  • Andre


Featured Battles[]




Voice Cast[]


  • Amos Crawley as Muth
  • Scott McCord as Raison
  • José Arias as Andre


  • In the battle, both teams captured 3 tokens but Ricky still won the battle.