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Truth is the twelfth episode of the Beywarriors: Beyraiderz season. It first aired on March 22nd, 2014.


Armes battles Flame in the new arena created by the six Mythic beasts. Flame reveals his BeyRaiderz is an earlier version of Ifrit that has the ability to use all the powers of each Mythic Beast. When Armes gains the fifth and final token, he has the Mythic Beasts create a storm that throws Armes' BeyRaiderz out of the arena and gives him the win. Flame then reveals Jimmy and Rachel are descendants of Tempest, who have been trying to undo his mistakes. He locks them and all six BeyWarriors away, including Task, believing they will become a threat to his rule. Flame then announces the resurrection of the Mythic Beasts to the world and commands the people to come to him at the Sacred Garden. The light of each BeyRaiderz begins to glow mysteriously in the prison as Sho and his friends, now joined by Armes, attempt to escape. Meanwhile all the people of the world head toward the Sacred Garden.

Major Events[]

  • Kaiser defeats Armes in battle with the power of the Six Mythic Beasts.
  • Rachel and Jimmy are revealed to be descendants of Tempest.
  • Kaiser betrays Task.
  • The chosen battlers, are all imprisoned to prevent Kaiser's rule.
  • Everybody heads towards the Sacred Garden.



Featured Battles[]

Special Moves Used[]