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The Phoenix vs. The White Dragon is the ninth episode of the Beywheelz series. It first aired on September 8, 2012 with Fierce Fight! A Battle of the Spirit in the USA.


Jin and Glen battle in the fourth round in a stadium with flaming geysers. Glen and Raging Molten Fireblaze pit Jin and Doom Fire Drago in a corner, but Jin manages to figure out the pattern of the geysers and seems to win the upper hand. Nicole, Marche, Covey suspect that the stadiums are not actually randomized and head to investigate the stadium basement where their suspicions are validated. They get discovered by Leader A and B who challenge them to a battle and also destroy the controls of the geysers, messing Jin's plan up. While Leon rescues his teammates in the basement, Jin overcomes this new challenge and wins the match, taking away heavy burns.

The fourth battle is drawing ever near and Team Estrella is on the edge. Sho wants to fight the battle but Jin and the others convince him otherwise. The battle begins and it is intense from the very start. Meanwhile, Covey, Marche and Nicole suspect that the stadiums have been rigged to give the dominators the advantage so they start investigating and soon their hunch is proved true. Back in the battle, Jin has a hard time but manages to overcome the unfair stadium conditions and take the win after which he collapses.

Major Events

  • Jin defeats Glen.



Featured BeyWheelz battles



  • When they first clash, the BeyWheelz are Destroyer and Pegasus instead of Fireblaze and Drago.