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Fierce Fight! A Battle of the Spirit is the tenth episode of the Beywheelz series. It first aired on September 8, 2012 with The Phoenix vs. The White Dragon in the USA.


After Jin's victory against Glen, who now gets punished alike to Sting earlier, the final battle of Sho Tenma and Odin has arrived. Beforehand, Odin's backstory is revealed: because he always had an easy time winning, Odin lost the feeling of getting fired up in a battle. The mysterious leader of the Dominators promised him to fill the emptiness in his heart, which is why Odin ultimately ended up joining the team. For this present battle, Odin insists on a normal stadium that gives him no advantage. An electric wall preventing stadium-outs and throw-outs is the only addition made. While early in the battle, the speed of Odin's Destroyer seems to be giving him a huge advantage, but Sho refuses to lose this easily. The longer they fight, the more fired up Sho seems to become. Odin's hand starts trembling as Sho is giving him some trouble. Odin realizes what a real battle is - a competition that pushes both Wheelers to their limits. Both Wheelers decide to use full power on each other. Now all of the audience are cheering for both Sho and Odin. Finally, both use their special move, causing an explosion that destroys a huge part of the stadium. The bey still spinning afterwards turns out to be Pegasus. The winner of Judgement Bey is Team Estrella with 3 matches won. Sho walks over to Odin and offers his hand out for a hand shake. Odin is about to shake back, when Leaders A and B appear. They announce that their fight with the Dominators is now over. They take their masks off and they are revealed to be Ryan Gladstone's two assistants - Lucy and Mathew. Ryan enters the scene as well and congratulates team Estrella for winning Judgement Bey and then suddenly exclaims that Show, Jin, Leon, Covey, Marche, and Nicole are the newest members of the Dominators.

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Featured BeyWheelz battles

Sho Tenma (Soaring Wing Pegasus) vs Odin (Slash Warrior Destroyer) = Sho and Pegasus

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