The Big Bang Bladers Consolation Tournament is a Tournament that took place during Big Bang Bladers to decide the Team that earns the Wild Card Spot to re-enter Big Bang Bladers.

Entry Requirements

The Consolation Tournament was first revealed by Team Wang Hu Zhong who plans to compete for the Wild Card Spot, meaning whoever obtains it is allowed to re enter Big Bang Bladers. Every team that was defeated in the first or second round matches.


After GanGan Galaxy completes their second round match, they are informed by Ryo Hagane and Hikaru about the competitors in the Consolation Tournament including Team Lovushka, Team Desert Blaze, and Team Wang Hu Zhong. Dashan openly claims that his team will win as Gingka and Masamune clearly believe that Wang Hu Zhong will come out on top.


  • Dashan Wang and Team Wang Hu Zhong confirmed to have defeated one team before going to Greece to meet with GanGan Galaxy.[1]
  • Team Lovushka and Team Desert Blaze were confirmed to be battling as well defeating their first round opponents.[2]
  • Dashan Wang defeated Team Wang Hu Zhong's second round opponents live on video feed from Hikaru and Ryo Hagane.[3]
  • Team Wang Hu Zhong was confirmed to be the Wild Card Spot Victors defeating even Team Desert Blaze and Team Lovushka.[4]



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