Big Bang Pegasis is a Super Control Beyblade based on it's normal counterpart, Big Bang Pegasis F:D. It was released on July 16, 2011 in Japan.


Big Bang Pegasis is a Super Control Beyblade, meaning it uses infrared technology, to control the movement of Big Bang Pegasis. Just like it's normal variant, Big Bang Pegasis contains the same parts for the most, but it does not feature it's Face; instead a translucent plate where the infrared signal is located. It's tip is like Final Drive with rubber and when bladers choose left spin or right spin, it's rubber tip goes in making it a Extreme Flat Performance Tip. This has nothing to do with centrifugal force. Big Bang Pegasis also has a blue layer underneath it, since it uses an infrared signal. Big Bang Pegasis' PC Frame is also outlined in the shape of the Herculeo Clear Wheel as well. As with all Super Control Beys, none of Big Bang Pegasis' parts are customizable nor interchangeable.

Big Bang Pegasis' Controller is blue with red buttons and a red ripcord.


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