The Big Bang Pegasis DX Set is a Japanese-only Beyblade starter-set released by Takara Tomy and the successor to the Galaxy Pegasis DX Set. It was released on March 26, 2011 in Japan for 3990 yen.

Note: TAKARA-TOMY appears to have removed the BeyPoint Card in recent production lots of this Set.



Although the Beyblade contained is mostly useless, there is an inclusion of some competitively valuable items in this Set. RF is a must-have for Attack users, while 85 and XF both have moderate use. Moreover, the BeyLauncher is considered the best launcher for MFB. The 3 Segment Launcher Grip is also popular among Bladers, because of its grip which provides comfort, as well as assisting in a precise launch. Finally, the MFB Attack Type BeyStadium is the most favored MFB stadium for its fairness to all types.

Even though Big Bang Pegasis F:D is completely outclassed, the myriad of beneficial parts and accessories make this Set a suitable purchase for new Bladers looking to get started on a competitive note.



  • As of now, all DX sets have been released with a Pegasis (Except Storm Pegasis 105 RF, which is not released).
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