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The Big Bang Pegasis DX Set is a deluxe set released by Takara Tomy on March 26, 2011. It is the successor to the Galaxy Pegasis DX Set.



Although Big Bang Pegasis F:D is mostly useless competitively, there is an inclusion of some valuable parts in this set. Rubber Flat is a must-have for Attack combinations, while 85 and XF both have moderate use. Moreover, the BeyLauncher is considered one of the best launchers. The 3 Segment Launcher Grip is also popular among Bladers. Finally, the Beystadium Attack Type is one of the most popular.

Even though Big Bang Pegasis F:D is completely outclassed, the myriad of desirable parts and accessories make this set a suitable purchase for new Bladers looking to get started on a competitive note.